My Foray Into Web Development: Probably a Costly Learning Experience

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Updated on July 28, 2011

I don’t know about you but I spend an ungodly amount every month on SaaS applications.

  • $329/mo for Office Auto Pilot.
  • $67/mo for Unique Article Wizard.
  • $90/mo for Article Ranks
  • $67/mo for Submit Your Article
  • $47/mo for Free Traffic System Pro
  • $65/mo for Get Response
  • $67/mo for Article Marketing Automation
  • $6/mo for The Best Spinner

I Donate $738 Per Month to the SaaS Industry

Even though most of these expenses are taken care of through my Marketer’s Center link building business… it still adds up to $738 per month!

But think about all these services I just listed. How did they all start out?

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