Niche Site Challenge Part 1: Niche Selection and Monetization

Chris over at Virtual Business Lifestyle launched a niche site challenge over at his website and called for people to join in. I said “I gotta get in this.” and signed myself up.

This is the first part of many where I will be documenting my niche site from the ground up all the way to the income reports for when it starts earning. Look for my next update next Sunday.

It Took Me About 20 Minutes to Select the Niche

It usually doesn’t take me too long to figure out a niche to build a site on. While the exact niche of what site you select is important, it isn’t the world when we’re talking about these mini earners.

I have a hunch that some people are over-analyzing the exact niche to the point where it actually gets in the way of them building a site of your own. “Will this xxxx niche make money?” The answer is always going to be a resounding “Yes!” If people are searching for it then it will always make money, just build it.

Here’s 2 of my favorite was to brainstorm for new niche ideas.

Optimal Product Finder for Niche Ideas

I first started with the Optimal Product Finder which is an in-depth Amazon scraper. This is a little tool that is excellent for digging for Amazon products to build sites about. You can use this tool to search keywords or categories and it gives you some very useful data like sales rank and product price.

Looks like Optimal Product Finder is no longer for sale. I hate to tease you, just documenting the process.

Anyway, I tinkered around with this for 10 minutes and didn’t see anything that really struck me so I moved on to my next source for niche ideas.

WatchCount for Niche Ideas

I finally hit pay dirt by using This is one of my favorite tools for getting niche ideas and I’ll tell you why.

If you select a category without a keyword you can see the most popular products in that category. Under the Business/Industrial category I found something called an “Oscilloscope”. Apparently this is some kind of electronic device used by professionals and it can be super expensive. This particular auction I saw that inspired me had over 500+ sales and 750+ watchers.

This product doesn’t seem to be very well-known but since people are using them for work they’re getting bought. I guessed that there aren’t any affiliate sites on oscilloscopes and after looking at some of the top keywords I was 100% correct, there really isn’t any (at least I couldn’t find any). I have my doubts after writing this if that will still be true lol but hey, goes with the territory.

The Keywords: How to Choose Them Wisely

I logged into Google Adwords and using their Keyword Tool I extracted 800 relevant keywords. After downloading the spreadsheet I copy/pasted all 800 keywords to Market Samurai.

Now it’s going to take Market Samurai a while to return the data on all these keys but its worth the wait.

After I was done I used the Golden Rules filter and found a good handful of keywords that were less than 100,000 competition with a healthy amount of searches everyday. For now, I’ll just be focusing on these keywords because they will give me the best chance of immediately earning with this site.

While the niche might not be the end-all, the keywords definitely are. You should be focusing your initial energy on grabbing low hanging fruit with a fair amount of searches so you can start making money with your new baby as soon as possible.

The Content: I Was Lucky to Find An Expert

From here I usually hand off the keyword list and some basic outlines to one of my writers but since my cousin was on Skype and he’s a super-duper electrician I offered him the job instead. It’s definitely worth paying double or even triple what you normally pay a writer to do some articles if they have real-world experience on the topic and can write some super-professional stuff.

My interview literally went something like this:

Andrew: whats an oscilloscope?
Bob: they analyze electrical signal in the frequency domain
Andrew: lol want to make some money writing a couple articles for me?

How Will The New Site Make Money?

From the looks of it I can monetize 3 different ways:

Google Adsense

Standard stuff. Normally when people do these niche sites they stop at Adsense because they might be doing a niche that isn’t conducive to product sales. Pretty much all of my sites are directly related to products or brands if not all about the products themselves. I know others like to do it different, but that’s just how I like to build sites.

Ebay Partner Network

I’ve heard its a real bitch to get into this program now but I was fortunate enough to get into this program around the time they first launched it. EPN pays on a per click basis and it’s really easy to get people to click on those little auctions with product pictures. Even though they aren’t as transparent with how you earn as they used to be, this is still one of my top earning programs.


They canceled my account late June but I was lucky enough to get reinstated after changing my address to my Mexican residence. I know a lot of people don’t like Amazon because of the 24 hour cookie but I still do pretty well with their program. I can usually hit 7-8% commission before the month ends so the commission isn’t too bad, especially considering Amazon is what I believe to be one of the best converting merchants on the internet. Luckily for me Oscilloscopes also command a premium price tag that can run into $100′s of dollars which means a solid commission on a successful sale.

How Much Can I Earn With This?

I honestly have no idea but for every niche site that I do like this I would be totally happy with around $5 a day. If I could hit this goal after just a couple months it would easily have paid for itself and then I’d be in the green.

The Next Update

Stay tuned for next Sunday when I will reveal my domain name and you can get an idea on how exactly I set up these kinds of sites.

26 Comments Niche Site Challenge Part 1: Niche Selection and Monetization

  1. DR's Fynest

    Hey there Andrew,

    I stumbled across your blog from your signature on the WF.

    First off, let me say this a really cool blog you’ve got going here! I love the feel and simplicity of it. :)

    Regarding this post, looks like quite a cool little niche you’ve come across. Like you say, it’ll probably get bombarded by a few affiliates now that you’ve shared it lol. Oh well, you learn and pass it on right? :)

    I’ll be subscribing to your RSS because this looks like it will be quite a fun journey.

    Keep up with the updates!


    1. Andrew Scherer

      Thanks for subbing Fidel.

      There are 10s of thousands of similar niches out there, it doesn’t take too long to find another if needed and if someone copies me that’s alright, that’s just the nature of the game. Obscure industrial products like this, or even the best selling health, fitness, fashion, etc.. products are all over Amazon and the vast majority are untapped.

      It’s like the California gold rush with all gold and no rush.

  2. Sarah

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you mention people “over-analyzing “. I tend to do that myself at times. I am really glad you shared some of the links you did in this post that just made my life much easier! I really like your site and will be subscribing as well! It is great that you are following through and keeping this up to date! I have thought about starting an IM Journey type of blog for a while and find this one motivating!

    1. Andrew Scherer

      Hey Sarah I’m glad you found it useful and thanks for subbing.

      I have been using WatchCount for a couple years, it’s definitely one of my favorites plus its free. :D

  3. Siau Hen

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for revealing your strategy but I am a bit disappointed being not able to test on Optimal Product Finder. Sometimes money can’t buy everything.

    Currently I am working on few Amazon affiliate websites, it’s starts to gain some traffic after being re-indexed this year. Really love you to have a look on it and share some opinions.

    Anyway, will come back again and looking forward for the next update. Cheers

    1. Andrew Scherer

      Sorry Siau, there’s gotta be another Amazon scraper on the market somewhere, I just haven’t looked in a long time.

  4. Brendan

    hey Andrew,
    i have bookmarked this blog and will be checking it often, the content you are providing is fantastic!
    (you may remember me from the warriorforum congratulating you on your $100 fiverr investment post, my username is: brendan9971)


  5. Hando

    It is interesting to read how well thought out your niche and keyword selection process is. I remember when I started my first nice site all I did was that I was typing the keyword into the Google to see how many ads show up and If there was no ads then I choose something else. The process how you pin down the final keyword is quite good so if I would ever start a niche site again I would certainly do it your way.
    Hando recently posted..Weather Changes

  6. Frank

    just came across your site, great blog! bookmarked.

    quick questions

    1.) How did you get get 800 kw’s out of “oscilloscope”? Was there other terms you put in? I only get 100 when looking at it with google kwt.

    2.)Did you buy a domain and build a whole site from scratch about oscilloscopes with a few articles on it that your friend wrote?


    1. Andrew Scherer

      Hey Frank, glad to answer them.

      1. Login to your account at Click on the Reporting and Tools Dropdown then click on Keyword tool. Use this instead.

      2. Yes, I am in the middle of doing that now. No articles yet but I’ve got a rough design out and I’ve installed all the plugins I needed today.

  7. Chris C. Ducker

    Hi Andrew

    Super excited to have you on board, buddy! You have a great little community of your own over here, so lets try and get THEM involved in the Niche Site Project, too!

    Updates on the entre list of participants are going to be live later today, so please email me / tweet me, with your URL…!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you kick butt!

    Chris C. Ducker recently posted..How to Outsource… Understanding Cultural Differences when Working with Filipino VA’s

    1. Andrew Scherer

      Hey Chris thanks for stopping by. I will tweet it to you tonight then.

      Kick butt – I hope so :D

    1. Andrew Scherer

      The writer is lagging on me so I’ve ordered some more content from another source. I will update this coming weekend.

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  10. Terje Sannarnes

    Niche selection is extremely important procedure. The efficiency of your website monetization work will depend on keywords and niche selected signifficantly. It should be noted that niche selection is quite difficult process. When selecting niche you should estimate the level of competition in the business field and your chances to get top rankings for keywords chosen. An online marketer can certainly benefit from tools like Market Samurai when selecting a niche.
    Terje Sannarnes recently posted..How an Entrepreneur can benefit from Conferences and Exhibitions

    1. Andrew Scherer

      I think the conversion is not only higher but you don’t have to worry about refunds. On the downside the commissions are a lot lower.

      I don’t have too much experience pushing clickbank products but if its something you can master I understand there is a good chunk of change in it.

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